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Trying to keep up with the barrage of topics that need to be covered every day?

In the digital era, things happen at a lightning pace. People are looking for trustworthy information and news immediately. But with so much to cover, it can be hard to keep up with the deluge of what needs to be covered.

In the midst of trying to keep up, the more important topics get drowned out. 

That’s why you need an extension to your web desk teams today. Storytailors supplements your web desks so that you can meet volumes, deadlines and traffic metrics.

Tired of unreliable stringers and freelancers?

Missed deadlines, dropped calls, and unintuitive scheduling can be a huge headache when you’re running a newsroom. With Storytailors, you can rely on timely copies that don’t compromise on quality.

Our team of writers, editors and proofreaders make sure that your content needs are always met.

With Storytailors, your brand will always have a finger on the beating pulse of the nation and world.

Why Storytailors?

We aren’t loudmouths. Our team has given results to brands like Firstpost, NDTV, CNBCTV18, News18 and more. With lakhs of copies and crores of views, we help brands stay relevant on the web.

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We are a specialized creative content agency producing tailor-made, impactful stories. We provide content solutions across genres, languages, and products.

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