How to Create Engaging Explainer Videos for Tech Startups: A Step-by-Step Guide

All successful tech marketing strategies have one thing in common—a good explainer video. These explainer videos are created with the purpose of explaining complex ideas in a simple way and contributing to higher conversion opportunities for your startup. With tight budgets, investing in video production tools may not be feasible. But considering how tech explainer videos have become necessary now, we’ll share some actionable steps to create engaging videos for your tech startup. 

The phases and steps to creating engaging explainer videos

Consider this: you’re considering buying a product on Amazon. You see a video displaying the product, and you immediately watch it to better understand it. Similarly, in tech videos, people want videos that show them the product’s real-world application. Therefore, having a well-prepared video strategy is vital as it helps deliver valuable information in a user-friendly way. 

For your easy understanding, let’s classify all the steps that go into creating explainer videos into these stages—pre-production, production and post-production. 

  1. The pre-production phase

The first steps set the foundation of the entire video strategy. In this blueprint, the following steps are included:

  • Define your goal: Every explainer video you create must have a defined end-goal that marks its success or failure. It could be bringing in more viewership, increasing website traffic, driving more conversions, or educating customers. Identifying these goals will influence every next decision.
  • Identify your target audience: Your content will take shape or tone only after defining the audience. Customer feedback, trends, behavior, and needs will aid you in developing effective and result-oriented videos. 
  • Map content: Content mapping is an essential step as it maintains proper workflow throughout all stages. It notes the elements needed in the videos, their order, and any other additional elements. 
  • Develop your script: Your script will impact the screenplay, so ensure that your verbal discussions properly translate to onscreen visuals. Your storyboard must match the visuals, narrations, and time stamps. Organize and structure your videos so your customers can absorb the information in one go.

  2. The production phase

The second phase is where you collect all the resources to actualize your script and storyboard. Your audience plays a crucial part in deciding the visuals, content, oratory approach, etc., for the explainer video. Keep the following elements in mind:

  • Highlight the product.
  • Use proper transition techniques. Zoom in and out if you want to focus on specific areas of your product.
  • Keep the video concise. A lengthy video may bore the viewers, whereas a short video may not explain the product properly. 
  • Make your explainer video accessible by adding subtitles.
  • Use colors, fonts, and other elements that solidify brand recognition and give the videos a professional makeover. 

  3. The post-production phase

After producing the entire video, the following video elements need to be in check:

  • Edit the video by removing unnecessary content.
  • Sync audio video and ensure that background music and video effects work correctly.
  • Optimize your explainer videos for all platforms. 
  • Don’t forget to add your call-to-action. 

Ready to create engaging explainer videos?

As overwhelming as it may be, here’s hoping that this 13-step guide gets your creative juices flowing to produce remarkable explainer videos. If you still need someone to kickstart this process, our team at Storytailors is at your disposal.