May 21, 2024

How to Conduct a Successful Content Audit: 5 Promising Measures

A content audit is a simple process done on a company’s website to check which content is still useful and which content can be removed. If you want to see your website ranking well, you must do a content audit regularly and prioritize high-quality content. If you’re a marketer struggling with planning content for the future, this simple process will save you a lot of time and resources.

5 effective ways to run a content audit

A content audit uses metrics like conversion rates, time spent on the page, and more to evaluate how effective the content already is. You can do this audit on the surface level or go through a complete comprehensive check. The following are a few ways to run a content audit on your website:

1. Be goal-oriented with the content audit

Think about what you want to accomplish through the audit and then accordingly categorize your content. Properly determine and define the metrics using which you will evaluate the success rate of each content. These goals could be:

  • Increasing engagement and conversions
  • Ranking pages higher through SEO
  • Improving the quality of existing content
  • Deleting content that has no value in the current times
  • Revamping the structure and layout of your website.

2. Gather your content assets

After setting your goals, collect each piece of content you have for a thorough audit. Focus on the important pages like blog posts, product descriptions, how-to guides, and more that have consistently performed well. Putting all your content together at a centralized location will make it easier for you to track changes made during the auditing process.

3. Analyze the data

Now that all your content is in one place, take a good look at the state of your content. You need to analyze the data in the following ways:

  • Check which content pieces are underperforming and not delivering any results
  • See if you have any outdated content that can be reworked on
  • Prioritize content that is doing or has done extremely well and delivered the best results
  • Find missing content that you haven’t covered yet as per your audience’s needs.

4. Set a proper course of action

After analyzing your data, your next step must be an action-based plan that is both measurable and specific. Create strategies for necessary tweaks in your content like rewriting content, improving SEO, or experimenting with A/B testing. Your action plan must work wonders for your content and bring in more conversions and customers.

5. Monitor progress frequently

Now that your content audit is done, you need to monitor how well the audit is working for you. Regularly monitor and measure results for your content assets. For example, if your goal was to bring in more traffic, then see if those pages are actually meeting the goal. If not, you will have to conduct a content audit all over again.

Level up your content

A content audit is a necessary component of any content strategy. This process keeps your content in check at all times and ensures that your marketing efforts never go to waste. At Storytailors, we help you produce content that continues to do well with the help of our content audit checklist.

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