Customer Testimonials on Video: Building Trust and Credibility


What’s the secret to building customer trust in your brand? The answer lies in the commonly used phrase and a fact—the customer is always right. Take this saying and turn it up a notch by making customer testimonials and you’re one step closer to establishing your brand credibility in the global market. How do you make interesting and eye-catching customer testimonials? By taking feedback and converting them into videos with the same customers. 

Why are video testimonials so important? When people place trust in your brand, they’re going to be repeat customers and will be instrumental in popularizing your brand through word-of-mouth. Testimonials will help create a wider customer base and foster relationships for the future. While online reviews and images are all valid sources contributing to credibility, video testimonials take it a step further by making it look more authentic, well-researched and compelling. 

 5 tips on making worthy customer testimonial videos

Video content has become an essential part of marketing strategies and testimonial videos are among the most-preferred content. Here are some ways to build trust and credibility through such videos:

  • Weave the magic of storytelling

Human beings love listening to stories. You can use good storytelling practices in your videos to convey different narratives about your company through your customers. For example, if you’re a travel and lifestyle brand, you could make videos of your customers who have had an amazing experience with you. Snippets of the location, people’s heartwarming moments on the trip, and your company’s role in bringing your customers on a dreamy vacation will contribute to creating a gripping testimonial video.

  • Personify your brand

People connect with people and thrive on social interactions. Adding a human touch and personifying your brand will help you connect on a deeper level. You could use your most loyal customers as representatives of your brand and reach out to a wider audience. Let’s say your company has created an application that simplifies work processes. You could create video testimonials where a client describes how the app has streamlined operations.

  • Keep content authentic

Video testimonials provide opportunities to capture customers’ emotions and nuances. For example, if you’re a health-oriented brand, you can make testimonial videos of customers where your brand has helped them shift to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. 

  • Create interview-style videos

Q&A testimonial videos are the most common because they score well with people. Get your customers to answer questions regarding your brand. Questions like the following generate interest among people:

  • How has our brand/product benefitted you?
  • What challenges have we helped you overcome?
  • What makes our products better than the others in the market?

  • Keep the videos concise and with clear CTAs

It’s always better to limit the timeline of the videos to a few minutes, considering the audience’s attention span. Make your customers highlight the essential brand attributes and clearly mention calls to action. When potential customers see loyal customers vouch for your brand, it builds credibility. 

Forging bonds for the future

The most important tip to follow is providing value to people. Testimonial videos help you establish genuine connections and promise long-term customers. If you need help with creating such goal-oriented customer testimonial videos, reach out to our team at Storytailors today.